Superior Plumbing Services for Residential Properties

Rapid Plumbing, INC. performs an array of work for your home’s pipes. From installations to repairs, our reliable team can handle any job.

Sump Pump and Emergency Backup Systems

We offer an extensive line of sump pumps and battery backup systems. These help protect your basement by relocating accumulated water caused by a storm, malfunctioning pipe, or electrical outage. Some features of our sump pump system include 24-hour operation, even during power failures. These also have high capacities, and they are designed for intuitive operation.


Water Softeners

Let our team install or replace a water softener system on your property. These prolong the lifespan of your pipes because they remove corrosive minerals like calcium and magnesium. Every component is designed to function accurately, allowing for seamless operation and precisely conditioned water every day.

Drinking Water Systems

Make sure that your family is drinking clean water every day with our help. Our team will set up a system that removes harmful chemicals, dirt, bacteria, and other unwanted substances from your tap water.



With us, you can find the faucet that fits your property’s needs or aesthetics. We offer components from an array of manufacturers! Contact us today and tell us the style or model you’re looking for.

Water Conditioners

Our innovative water conditioner systems use electronic frequencies to change the properties of minerals in the water. The process helps reduce scale buildup, prolonging the lifespan of your pipes.


Garbage Disposals

We install food waste disposal systems that reduce fruit rinds, chicken bones, coffee grounds and more into a liquefied state. These then can safely flow into your septic tank or sewage lines. With this equipment, your kitchen will be less cluttered and more sanitary.

Water Heaters

From tankless to traditional, we install water heaters of every kind. Our team will tell you about the advantages of each type so you can make a more informed selection.

Tankless Water Heaters

There are many advantages to getting a tankless water heater. It’s efficient, durable, and high performing. To take make the most of these benefits, turn to us. We install products from top manufacturers. The technology used in these units is some of the most advanced in the industry.


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